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Historical residences

The ancient park

Villa Soligo is surrounded by a park of 15,000 square metresrich in vegetation, in whose shadow you can enjoy moments of peace and relaxation. Walking among cedars, firs and ancient pines, anxieties and stress are forgotten, while the worry of work and the hectic city life seem more and more distant.

The Villa is located close to Valsana, thus called in ancient times called for its clean water, fresh air, green hills and the excellentprosecco wine. Its location means it enjoys an ideal micro-climate, sheltered from the intense cold, fog, snow or excess heat.

Using both public and private transport , you can reach artistic and cultural cities such as Venice, Treviso, Conegliano, Asolo, Bassano, Vittorio Veneto in around 30 minutes. But then it is nice to come back and take refuge in the tranquillity of the park, where the murmur of nature and the echoes of a distant past will rock your stay, making it unforgettable.

How to reach us

Via Marconi, 2
31010 Loc. Soligo – 
Farra di Soligo (TV)

Tel. +39 0438.842025
Fax. +39 0438.980838

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